Sayaka as a witch

Witches are evil entities born from magical girls that have fallen into despair and failed to purify their Soul Gems. Witches reside in special areas called barriers that contain labyrinths inside. Each labyrinth is a unique manifestation of the witch's subconscious. If left alone, witches affect humans in the real world by giving them marks known as "Witch's Kisses" (魔女の口づけMajou no Kuchizuke), which cause accidents, diseases, or forces them into suicide. Witches often spawn lesser versions of themselves called familiars that can mature into witches with time.

The most powerful witch is a being called Walpurgisnacht (ワルプルギスの夜Waruparugisu no Yoru). The worlds in which the witches reside are a stark departure from the everyday world.


  • The production design for the witches and their barriers is done by the artist duo Gekidan Inu Curry